Éva Pásztor-Buzássy
Owner of Duogel and NymphaeaAlba Inc.

I am Evi Pasztor-Buzassy I`ve started to do nails in 2009 and I already fell in love in school with the procedure of making perfect nails. On top of the perfection I enjoy to compete with myself every single time and I feel comfortable to sit on the same place all day long and having chitchat with clients.

We`re joking with my parents who they told me to become a Psychiatrist or an Architect…


At the same year I have trained myself and signed up for a nail sculpturing competition. Now I know that is really not for me but I still use what I`ve learned from it: to make perfect nails on time! Back in Europe I had my little nail shop and it was booming fast, I had “returning clients” very quickly. In 2013 we moved to Canada so as soon as my family was comfortable with the new home I started to look for a job to get Canadian experience. I was a nail technician for a franchise company from 2014 June till 2018 January. I was fully booked from the beginning with returning and referred clients not just because of my perfection but the client care too.

Since 2018 February I was self-employed in my home based nail cave which I really like, so I can work up my knowledge with the products that are professional.

Since 2021 January I made a big step and opened my salon with retail and wholesale area to fill up the shelves with DuoGel. 

DuoGel is a cutting-edge European professional nail care line that offers products that are easy to use and make services faster by: building the nail in one step, being easy to file and requiring only two coats of gel polish. Also, there are four different builder gels that each use different formulations to accommodate various nail types. There are also over 300 gel colour polishes and nail art products to decorate the finished product that rivals any professional nail care line currently on the market. 

My goal is to have DuoGel in salons across Canada.